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The Story Continues with ‘Taizen Boss’ Kensei!

The Story Continues with ‘Taizen Boss’ Kensei!

  • Vainglory
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  • May 15, 2018

The kensei has taken his revenge on Pae and become a boss in Taizen Gate, but how long will he tolerate the demands of New Aullerium? Read on to discover more about the Rare ‘Taizen Boss’ Kensei!


    • Gold mirrored anti-fog safety glasses 
    • White hair
    • Red & gold paint job on mechanical limbs
    • Kanji symbol for Kensei on the leg: 剣聖
    • Black & red moto jacket
    • Taizen Meibutsu Blade with motorcycle handle grip

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The Brave and Quiet Death

The kensei stands over a hospital bed in the burn ward. Under yards of bandages, attached by his wrist veins and by suction cups to the drips and monitors keeping him alive, is Pae, the erstwhile Third Boss of Taizen Gate. The kensei holds up one hand and his retinue, made up of the best bodyguards in the city, the gold standard of security services, Pae’s former family, retreat into the hospital hallway without a goodbye. More security stands guard at the exits and elevators; others point revolvers at the personnel kneeling behind the nurse’s desk.

“They rebuilt you,” says Pae. The burnt, choking sound coming from his throat, the kensei realizes, is a laugh. “I would have been New Aullerium’s pawn. Why didn’t they choose me?”

“You cheated,” says the kensei.

“It was not that.” Pae’s eyes flick away. “You were better. Are better. I can die knowing that.”

“So you will,” says the kensei.

His sword slides between Pae’s ribs, pierces his heart, and exits with a burble of deep red blood.

Outside the hospital room, one guard is ready with a motorcycle jacket and sunglasses. The kensei shrugs on the jacket and sheaths his sword. “Get me a hacker,” he says. “Aullerian. The best there is.”

To be continued …

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