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Check Out the Legendary ‘Red’ Rona skin!

Check Out the Legendary ‘Red’ Rona skin!

  • Vainglory
  • |
  • Jul 28, 2017

Vainglory’s berserker is leaping into the fray with an all-new barbarian look, and she’s traded her axes for swords imbued with lightning and shadow. Read on to discover the legendary ‘Red’ Rona!



  • Blood-red hair
  • Mud war paint
  • Viking queen circlet
  • Silver looped belt, skull-embellished armor
  • Axe-bladed pauldron
  • All new death-sword and light-sword


  • Swords imbued with lightning and shadow
  • Arcing and slashing lightning and shadow attacks
  • Lightning strikes when she jumps and recalls!


  • New tryhard animations featuring sword attacks!
  • Forward spin with reverse slash Foesplitter attack
  • Buries her swords in the ground for Into the Fray
  • All new deliberate, menacing run
  • All-out berserker raging multi-slash Red Mist attack
  • Summon the shadow and lightning poses for recall





The Temporary Victory of the Berserker

Read Part I: The Valkyrie and The Berserker

The berserker opened one eye and took to piecing together how she’d come to be in the mud, not dead, her legs twitching. Hitting the ground she remembered; the fighting part was always a red-misted blur, but somewhere in there she’d taken an axe in the shoulder. She remembered the thunk sound, and her arm quitting, and pain.

But there was no pain now. A good thing, if temporary. She was still alive, another temporary good thing; her arm worked again too, and she still had both swords. She spat mud and slid up onto one twitchy knee, thumped her thigh with the flat of one fist. “Stoppit,” she mumbled at her jittery legs.

Wasn’t until then that she remembered the valkyrie.

Then it all came back: the bargain, the deafening crack from the sky, her spine bent backward, the scream she couldn’t release, the twitching.

The valkyrie stood nearby with a giant hammer in both hands, still and cold as winter. Waiting.

“Ready?” asked the valkyrie.

“Fair fight?” asked the berserker, finding her feet.

“Fair f –”

The berserker leaped, belly first, spine arched. Best thing, she’d always said, was hit first. She slammed into the ground a sword’s reach away from the valkyrie, her blades sunk downward, shaking the ground with death-shadow and lightning, landing ducked down so that that the warhammer whizzed just over her skull. Would’ve been a bad end, that, her head several paces from the rest of her, but the berserker wasn’t one to dwell.

She waited until the warhammer swept low, then flipped, spinning mid-air, landing with her death-sword vibrating deep inside a shield of light. She yanked the sword free, growled, and arced her light-sword upward, slicing through the shield and sending electric surges through the valkyrie’s breastplate.

The valkyrie returned with a low sweep of her warhammer that forced the berserker to jump. Behind her circling light shield, she mirrored the berserker’s lunges and ducked under her leaps, matching her one heavy hammer strike to every several sword sweeps. The world around the battling pair erupted in lightning cracks and swirling violet shadow, the ground fractured and spilling violent light beneath their boots.

Under the berserker’s tongue was the acrid taste of fear and hatred.She whirled and struck, faster, faster, striking an inch away from her ancient target and then clanging up against eternal shields, lightning twisting around lightning. The hammer circled and slammed against her leg, shattering one greave.

Her rage boiled, rose, steamed into an eye-stinging sweat, released in a scream. The valkyrie paused, hammer forward in defense. The other valkyries leaned forward on their mounts, imagining this insane beast of a woman battling on their glade. They saw, in that moment, their foes vanquished, their enemies trembling.

But it was not the fate of Rona the Berserker that day to retreat to the Nether on the mount of Grace the Valkyrie, for her swords slashed and sliced too fast for the eye to follow, and the light shields shattered, and the hammer splintered, and it was all the valkyrie could manage to keep her limbs attached to her body under the berserker’s manic rage. When the red mist had subsided, the two women stopped, breathing hard, staring one another down. An electrocuted crow fell to the ground between them and croaked its last.

“I surrender,” said Grace the Valkyrie without shame. “Stay among the living with my blessing, Berserker, and hone your skills, for one day you will feast and fight among your foremothers in the glade.”

“Not a minute before I want to,” huffed the berserker. She watched as the valkyries retreated from the battlefield, and only lowered her swords when the last of them had disappeared over the hedge into the Netherworld.

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